How big?

The architects’ drawings for the planned 22-storey tower at Seven Sisters use a simple perspective trick to make it look smaller – they draw as if seen through a wide-angle lens, so what is farthest away looks smaller. See the sketches like this here on this earlier post.

That seems just a bit like cheating, so just for the sake of comparison I have mocked-up some pics that show the size of a 22-storey tower as seen by a standard lens – ie the way the human eye sees scale.  This is NOT what the tower could look like, finish-style, I have just multiplied the height of the three-storey  Apex House building by seven times to give an idea of the bulk of it. No doubt we will be offered a prettier design than that 80s slab, but the height will be pretty close to these. Just FYI.


From South Tottenham station:


From Seven Sisters rail station:


From Broad Lane:


From Pembroke Road:

Apex Tower estimate of height

Today’s outlook:

Apex House

I’ll have a go at some more to compare with their point-of-view positions next.



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