First Council meeting about the 22-storey tower, Tuesday 10th March

Grainger will be presenting their Apex House proposal to the planning sub committee for advice before submitting.

This will be an open meeting, we would encourage you to attend if possible.

Reference Number: PPA/2015/0002  re  Apex House  820 Seven Sisters Road  N15 5PQ

Proposal:  Redevelopment comprising the demolition of existing Council office and erection of new buildings up to 21 storeys in height providing 152 residential units and 1,182 sqm of retail floor space.

Applicant: Grainger PLC

This is not a planning application. The applicant is seeking the Council’s advice on their proposal prior to making a planning application. A briefing on this pre-application proposal will be made to the Planning Sub-Committee on Tuesday, 10th March, 2015 at 19:00 hrs, at the Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8LE.

This is a public meeting and you are invited to attend in order to observe proceedings, however there are no third party rights to speak at this meeting.

The Agenda and reports pack for this meeting can be viewed on the Council’s website here:

Do have a look at that document, it’s all their rationale and legal referencing re why we need it right here right now. Since we last saw plans, it’s gone from 95 to 152 dwellings, and they are wanting to include Seacole House, the small block of houses on the High Rd next to Apex House.

Never forget that Grainger have been gifted this site for £3.4 million, about the price of three houses in Muswell Hill. Any estimates of their likely ongoing profit would be, er, more than that.


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