Two days of the Wards Corner CPO done

ten more to go.   See below for what it is.
So far we’ve heard from Lyn Garner, LBH head of Regen, who got us off to a great start by describing how Tottenham is a disgusting slimepit full of crime and poverty and how the only thing to save it is rich outside developers. Then the architect of the Grainger Plan, on how his design is simply the most brilliant slab of bricks seen anywhere in the developed world. Today we heard from Suzanne Johnson of the regen team, with the story of how the Wards building is falling to bits, then Jonny Kibble from Grainger on how he has come to love and admire the cuddly market people.

It really has to be the best show in town, plus a lot of long boring bits.  It would be great to have more friends in the public gallery.  It’s in the Wood Green Civic Centre, Tuesdays to Fridays till July 28th.  9.30 to 5.30 most days

If you want to see class war in action, do drop by.  They have two QCs, five other lawyers, the whole of the planning department and sundry other floating people, expensive expert witnesses – twenty to thirty of them {I may have mislabelled some but what do I know?] .  We have our two crowdfunded barristers.

Documentation etc can all be seen here.

What is the CPO?

For the next three weeks the Public Inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase Order for the Wards Corner site will be held in Wood Green Civic Centre.  Tuesdays to Fridays 11th to 28th July, 9.30 to 5.30 each day.

So this is crunch time for the over ten years of campaigning to prevent the developer Grainger, in collusion with Haringey Council, demolishing the block above Seven Sisters tube station, with the Latin American Indoor Market and a dozen shops with flats above and Victorian homes.  More social cleansing.

We have a strong case against it.

The timetable is attached, the first week is mostly them, the second week is mostly us, and the third week is London Underground which owns part of the site, and winding up.

It’s an open meeting, please come and bear witness.


Much more info at our wiki site   and Facebook pages.

We still need money for our legal defence, there is no legal aid for CPO’s so we have jumble sales, against Grainger’s £2.8billion assets.   Crowdfunder page is the short form, easy to send.

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