Tottenham Hale Housing Zone

A new press release today from LBH re their plans for Tottenham, focusing here on Tottenham Hale.  These three links seem to summarise it.  Probably 5000 new dwellings at Tottnm Hale. Lots of public subsidy though I cant disentangle what comes from Haringey and what from the GLA – though as we pay for both through the Council Tax it’s not different.

The word AFFORDABLE is straight out of 1984 New-speak. It usually means ‘80% of market rent’ for example. Note the lack of social housing in these plans – that is the lower-cost publicly-owned housing (council or housing association) that is eg  about to be demolished up by Spurs.
If anyone can explain things like this, in the last table of the third doc here, I’d love to hear what it means:  iii. Viability / gap funding / grant £70,640,000 

20th February 2015
Thousands of new homes and millions of pounds of infrastructure are heading for Tottenham after Haringey Council’s Housing Zone bid won backing from the Mayor of London.  The Housing Zone will have an initial focus on Tottenham Hale, where it will pave the way for 2,000 more homes than would otherwise be possible, including an  ambition for 50 per cent affordable homes. [mostly to buy, no figures for rent]

“Alongside the new homes will come almost £45million* investment in unlocking sites for development and creating a modern district centre, with fantastic transport links, new bridge access to the beautiful Lee Valley Regional Park, new public spaces, shops and restaurants, and new employment opportunities.”  *of our money, as far as I can work out.

the result of this bid:
8 September 2014

The proposal – under consideration by the Greater London Authority – could see an injection of funding and bring together landowners in the area for nearly 5,500 homes to be built by 2025 in a thriving new town centre.   Affordability is at the heart of the bid, which if successful would allow half of the new homes to be at an low-cost rent or sale – with shared ownership and rent-to-buy schemes helping more families onto the housing ladder.  [ie combine rent and for-sale low-cost to obscure the figures. How much low-cost rent will there really be?]
Explaining the concept:
Undated – spring 2014?
A Housing Zone for Tottenham –  Delivering an affordable 21st century neighbourhood of choice

The Housing Zone concept was first put forward in the Mayor’s Draft Housing Strategy. The strategy indicates that Housing Zones will be in identified Opportunity Areas and be a focus for GLA planning and housing delivery resources.


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