To write on the SoTo site you first need to register at WordPress and create a username, once done you can use this with all WordPress blogs. If already a WP user, go straight to ***.

To get onto WordPress, visit  Hit Get Started. On next page, go straight to the bottom right link, “sign up for just a username”  (unless you want to make your own blog at the same time; you could do this later). Click.

Create a username.  Can be your full name or something shorter. It will not let you save one that’s already taken, so keep trying, add numbers etc.  Add email and password and click “Sign up

WordPress sends you an email.  Click “Activate account“.  Ignore next page, click ‘Next step’.

Click ‘Finish‘  and you’re in.

You will get an email confirming your username is working.  You can now comment on any WordPress site that is open for comments.

*** You can comment on existing SoTo posts, SoTo admin will be notified, to make sure you are human, if OK you’ll then become a SoTo Contributor.

More contributors wanted

If you want to write posts yourself, it would be great if you want to join the Author team, email or Comment here, and we’ll talk. Then to add a new post:  either hover on the SoTo name> New>Post,  or hover on your username>SoTo>new post, or click New Post on the top bar.  The first two ways give you a more flexible page for making new posts so I prefer them.  If you’re posting a long item,  please insert the little ‘break /insert more’ device (next to ABC link) after the first paragraph to keep the web pages readable.

I’ll reserve the right to tidy up or correct any techy errors while people are learning but won’t touch text.

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