About SoTo

A blog for the South Tottenham and Seven Sisters area – most of N15. There is no definite border, this blog takes the square mile around the southern end of the Tottenham High Road, within reach of Seven Sisters and South Tottenham stations, as a starting point

Anyone can read this blog, and comments are open. The usual good-neighbour rules apply.

Contact: email: SoTo_n15@live.com

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5 thoughts on “About SoTo

  1. Could you add the following in South Tottenham:

    Vartry Community Residents’ Association
    Residents’ association for Albert Road, Berkeley Road, Candler Street, Franklin Street, Heysham Road, Manchester Road, Richmond Road, St John’s Road and Vartry Road.

    Woodberry Down Church
    Corner of Vartry Road/Seven Sisters Road
    (Currently running a Winter Night Shelter in conjunction with Haringey Churches)

    Friends of Markfield Park


    A project about the River Moselle & its history, which runs through South Tottenham, where it joins the River Lea (at Markfield Park)

  2. This is a great development. Be very interested to read other peoples views on the issues you raise. Might dispel some of the apathy that abounds in places like Tottenham. Heck, we might even turn ‘middle class’ !!

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