Fag Packet Tower less than enthusiastically welcomed

The Development Management Forum on the proposals for Apex House happened at CONEL on Wednesday night. Some three dozen people attended, including LBH staff and Grainger people, a reflection of the lack of publicity for this statutory event about plans that will directly impact on the lives of thousands of local people. They showed the latest plans for the 22 storey tower – slideshow here. The Q+A that followed heard almost universal condemnation of the plan, on the grounds of massing and lack of ambition in the design, and the long shadow it will cast. Squeezing Customer Services into the library means a loss to both services.

Despite the brief to produce a landmark building for this important site, with high quality design, with one exception the design was not felt to be Landmark enough, and its vast bulk is about the only feature that would be noteworthy. The architect’s claim that the building presents a slender profile when viewed from north and south, was challenged by one person who pointed out that the slideshow fails to show the view from east and west. The High Road frontage will be a great square slab, and the overall shape of the building is that of a fag packet. Your SotoAdmin taped the meeting but sound files will have to follow as the upload takes time.  LBH person Emma Williamson said that a sound record of the meeting will be published, so if they get theirs up first we’ll link it here, with a summary of all points raised.

Tottenham drawings exhibition


Employment Land Portfolio
Drawings of Tottenham by Lucinda Rogers

tott pic

Starring the work spaces and skills around an industrial estate on White Hart Lane, Tottenham, this series of drawings will highlight the types of business threatened by Haringey Council’s plans for high-volume housing development which they describe as “restructuring the borough’s employment land portfolio”. Part of the London Festival of Architecture, the project was spurred by Cass Cities research on the disappearance of industrial land in London and the warning that London is consuming its own assets in the pursuit of housing unit numbers.

Monday 1 June – Sunday 7 June
Weekdays 11 am – 5.30 pm
Saturday & Sunday 12 noon – 4 pm

at Heyne Tillett Steel, Engineers
4 Pear Tree Court, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0DS



Exhibition on Woodberry Down punks and squatters

“They’ve Taken our Ghettos: A Punk History of the Woodberry Down Estate”


This exhibition, at Craving Coffee in July, brings together prints, illustrations, photographs and text, created by a diaspora of punks who lived as squatters on the Woodberry Down Estate in the Manor House area of London in the 80s and 90s. This show was conceived in response to the estate’s current redevelopment, which recognizes only consenting voices in its gentrification process. Continue reading

Painting the Page Green mural this Sunday

Finally, we’re beginning

This Sunday the 31st of May, starting at 9am and going on all day until we finish, we will be painting the first design on our community mural! Please come & join in!!

Try ringing the bell at 31 Pembroke Road. If nobody answers then you will find us around the corner, painting the mural between Pembroke road and Earlsmead Road.

  • If you have a paint roller and pan & big brushes then please bring them.
  • We will be painting the blue and green wave pattern that goes from one end of the mural to the other.
  • Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided but do bring refreshments you want to share

Tottenham Civic Society news May/June 2015

See the Spring TCS newsletter with much news of the area at their website. Please donate/join up  now they have posted the latest one for free, this was only available to members before.

Sunday 31st May

Luke Howard: family, friends and neighbours – a tour of the places connected with Luke Howard and his contemporaries. Led by Margaret Burr of Tottenham Clouds www.tottenhamclouds.org.uk   Meet 11am in front of Bruce Castle Museum, Bruce Grove, N17 8NU www.tottenhamcivicsociety.org.uk

Wednesday 3rd June

Moselle walk Queens Wood to Lordship Rec Led by Vicki Paternoster of Love the Lea. 10:30 to 12:30ish. Starting at Queens Wood Cafe, 42 Muswell Hill Road, N10 3JP  Vicki will be taking a little detour to visit and explain a bit about the proposed Priory Road SuDS sites and Boyton Road SuDS. http://www.thames21.org.uk/event/moselle-mosey/

Limited number so RSVP Vicki if you want to attend  victoria.paternoster@thames21.org.uk 07501 697 096

5th-7th June

Euroart Open Studio 2015 Exhibition of the many artists who have workshops here. Friday 6-10pm. Saturday and Sunday 2-6pm. And now there is a bar/cafe.

Gaunson House, Markfield Road, Tottenham, N15 4QQ www.euroart.co.uk

Thursday 25th June

My Summer of Love Film (UK 2004, director Pawel Pawlikowski) 7.15pm Park View School, West Green Road, N15 3RB Haringey Independent Cinema www.haringey.org.uk/hic

Apex House Development Management Forum Wednesday 27th May

A DMF is a statutory requirement for any major development.

The Council holds Development Management Forums to facilitate the discussion of large scale or contentious development proposals.  The forum does not reach a decision about an application.

They say, “Its purpose is to allow participants to raise issues of concern and obtain answers to questions about the particular proposal.  Wherever possible this will be prior to the submission of a formal application.  The aim is to allow early discussion by Councillors and members of the public on planning issues related to these proposals and to explore the scope for amendments and agreement between all parties in a positive and constructive way prior to the later decision being made at the Planning Sub Committee.”

This one for Apex House has been very inconspicuously advertised. A couple of emails to Residents’ Associations; we found three A4 notices near Apex House. That’s it. It’s almost as if they don’t want anyone to go. Wouldn’t these stop you in your tracks? –

Apex House, Seven Sisters Public notice May 22nd 2015

Apex House, Seven Sisters
Public notice
May 22nd 2015

Continue reading

Page Green Mural – painting days

We’re working on a large mural on the wall at the corner of Wakefield Road and Pembroke Road, showing a history of the Page Green area.

This Sunday the 24th of May, starting at 11am, we will be preparing/painting the wall for the artist to start sketching in the design for the mural on Monday 1st of June. We have the white masonry paint that we will need to paint the wall with. All welcome & bring paint brushes/rollers.
The artist will start sketching out the design on Monday 1st June for 1-2weeks
After the artist has finished the design, we aim to start our painting 13-14th June, for the next few weekends. Earlsmead primary school will be invited to attend during the week, to enable the children to work on their section.
Everyone will need to bring a mix of brush sizes, starting the 13th of June
Releaf, the designers, to advise on final painting process/technique and style for final wash detail across the mural.  Wickes have offered £100 towards materials. B&Q are also being asked for contributions.

We agreed to paint a 150-200mm dark border to the bottom of the mural at pavement level where rain usual splashes the wall and for easy repair should any pavement works take place.