Wards Corner CPO -kicking off

Wards Corner CPO – background notes

On 23 September 2016 Haringey Council delivered by hand to freeholders and leaseholders on the site a Statement of Reasons they intend to Compulsory Purchase the Wards Corner site, including the High Road, West Green Rd, Suffield Rd and Seven Sisters Road portions.

The statement is dated 14 September and the closing date for objections is 21 October (less than one month from delivery of the statement on 23/09/16).

Haringey Council is satisfied there is a compelling case in the public interest to compulsorily acquire the land to facilitate development which is likely to contribute to the “improvement of the economic, social and/or environmental well-being of the Borough of Haringey. The Council is satisfied that the compelling case in the public interest to make the Order justifies overriding private rights to the land and interference with human rights.”  The Council and Transport for London are jointly responsible for allowing the site to deteriorate since the store was closed in 1971, despite there being 2150 m2 of empty space in the corner store and first and second floors.

Sadly, under the much-abused misnomer of  ‘Seven Sisters Regeneration’  Haringey Council is pushing ahead with these ill-conceived plans to demolish the local heritage buildings located at Wards Corner, South Tottenham. Since council-backed, private developer Grainger has failed to acquire all the properties on the open market, Haringey Council has started the formal Compulsory Purchase Order process in order to attempt to assemble the site required to pursue this destructive development. This means that long-standing, independent, Tottenham business owners risk being expropriated in favour of a large corporate entity for a project that a sizeable part of the local community is against. The project has debatable regeneration benefits and architectural merit and would have devastating heritage effects in this important conservation area. Two more seven-storey towers and a row of brand-name shops would be added to the bland and overwhelming streetscape already doomed to include the unlovely 23-storey Apex Tower planned for the opposite corner of Seven Sisters Road.

The Council continues to claim that demolishing the neglected (by whom?) beautiful and interesting buildings of the ex-Wards Corner Department store, the Beauty Shop and Tottenham Wines on West Green road and building a bland and generic, seven storey, glass-fronted building will improve the area. If it does go ahead it will be another chip out of Tottenham’s disintegrating Historic Corridor. They will demolish the housing on Suffield Road, and the flats above the shops.

There is still hope that the other plan, the Community Plan may see the light. The Trust, formed to renovate our cherished market and neglected historic buildings, continues its work.


Objections to the CPO can be made to the National Planning Casework Unit,

5 St Philips Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2PW.

Or email npcu@communities.gsi.gov.uk

Title your objection “(Wards Corner Regeneration Project) Compulsory Purchase Order 2016.”

Give your name, address and interest in the land. As it is our town centre then we all have an interest in the land. Many of us are customers in the market and in the specialist shops. We also see how the LatinAmerican market is an important cultural centre, with visitors coming from across London and way beyond.

See www.tinyurl.com/wccCPOno  for suggested reasons for objections.

Form attached: objection-letter2 you may like to circulate.

Two Tottenham gardens open on Sunday

Two contrasting  gardens full of inspiration and interest . . their knowledgeable owners will give horticultural advice. Handsworth Rd is a plant lovers paradise, a hidden nook with feasts for the senses galore.  Higham Rd  with borrowed background of verdant green on  Lordship  Rec, is  full of colour, with a wildlife pond, greenhouse, and summer house. They will delight you with delicious home made tea and a  warm welcome.

for details see  National Gardens Scheme website  www.ngs.org.uk   look for gardenfinder.

There are several other local gardens open on the same day Continue reading

Royal Court Theatre in Tottenham

“Tottenham 2016

We’re back for second summer in Tottenham with a programme of work made in close collaboration with the people of Tottenham.

This year’s festival explores Tottenham’s cultures and communities through a variety of art forms, from short films to outdoor performances, all of which are free for Tottenham residents.

As an exciting addition this year, we’ll also have a cultural hub in Tottenham, where we’ll be hanging out and hosting performances. A place where you can come to say hello, get involved or find out more.”

Lots of freebies for N15 + N17 residents.  I don’t know where ‘Shop, Tottenham’ is.  I’ve asked them.  Update: “This precise location of this venue is yet to be confirmed, but will be somewhere central in Tottenham most likely an unused retail space, and anyone who booked will be notified of this.”


What’s On at BGC in May

What’s On at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre


Monday 23rd May
Classes: Messy Mornings Pre-School 10.30-11.30am MORE
Classes: London House Cats Choir 7.30-9.30pm MORE

Tuesday 24th May
Julius Caesar (Theatre) 7.30pm BOOK
Classes: Messy Mornings Pre-School 10.30-11.30am MORE
Classes: New Tottenham Singers 7.30-9.30pm MORE
Classes: Ballet 5-8pm MORE  Continue reading

Friends of Tottenham Green Community News, May 2016

Friends of Tottenham Green Community News, May 2016
produced for the weekly Tottenham Green Market, Sundays through summer, 11-4pm.
Friends of Tottenham Green events

Gardening the Green – Every Wednesday afternoon: weekly work sessions, 2-4ish on Tottenham Green. All hands welcomed!

Sat 21 May: Clean the Green! Clean-up litter-picking day, noon through to 3pm

Sun 5 June – Next FOTG stall at Tottenham Green Market: World Ocean Day focus, plants for sale, community info. We’re aiming to be at the market once a month through the summer. Drop by and say hello! (PS: empty plant pots, esp small ones, welcome!) Continue reading

Grainger gets sticky hands on Apex House

Last night 9th May the Planning sub-committee of Haringey Council gave planning permission to the uber-rich developer Grainger to build a 23-storey tower at the junction of Seven Sisters Road and Tottenham High Road.  This will be blight on all the people who will live in its enormous shadow, and the millions who use the tube every year who will never again experience that sparkling moment as you come out of the tube station after a long sticky journey to step into sunlight. Forget that.

Watch the whole shameful episode in glorious 2D. http://www.haringey.public-i.tv/…/webcast…/223972

There are ten on the cttee plus chair.
Councillor Peray Ahmet (Chair)
Councillor Vincent Carroll (Vice-Chair)
Councillor Dhiren Basu
Councillor David Beacham (LD)
Councillor John Bevan
Councillor Clive Carter (LD, voted against)
Councillor Natan Doron
Councillor Toni Mallett
Councillor James Patterson
Councillor James Ryan
Councillor Elin Weston

Remember their names.

Our three ward councillors made a decent fist of it, some of them struggling to support us without losing their Cabinet positions. Isidoris branded it a monstrous oversized KingKong of a building, so now we’ll have competition for the Fagpacket Tower name.

And of course Cllr Strickland the people’s friend, waxed lyrical. He really loves Grainger.