Two more days at the Wards Corner CPO

Following last week’s posts, we are now two days into Week Two of the Public Inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase Order for Wards Corner.

Tuesday was largely taken up with Grainger’s witness on the viability of the market, in both the planned Grainger schemes and in the Community restoration plan.  There was much discussion of costs per square foot in rent in the various options, with forensic analysis and projections.  The rents will be temporarily slightly reduced by the S106 order in the Grainger plan, this follows Boris Johnson’s intervention in 2008 after he visited the market and the boarded-up upstairs space the day before the mayoral elections. Grainger’s plans at that stage Continue reading


First Council meeting about the 22-storey tower, Tuesday 10th March

Grainger will be presenting their Apex House proposal to the planning sub committee for advice before submitting.

This will be an open meeting, we would encourage you to attend if possible. Continue reading

How big?

The architects’ drawings for the planned 22-storey tower at Seven Sisters use a simple perspective trick to make it look smaller – they draw as if seen through a wide-angle lens, so what is farthest away looks smaller. See the sketches like this here on this earlier post.

That seems just a bit like cheating, so just for the sake of comparison I have mocked-up some pics that show the size of a 22-storey tower as seen by a standard lens – ie the way the human eye sees scale.  This is NOT what the tower could look like, finish-style, I have just multiplied the height of the three-storey  Apex House building by seven times to give an idea of the bulk of it. No doubt we will be offered a prettier design than that 80s slab, but the height will be pretty close to these. Just FYI.

15_1253x Continue reading