Wards Corner CPO -kicking off

Wards Corner CPO – background notes

On 23 September 2016 Haringey Council delivered by hand to freeholders and leaseholders on the site a Statement of Reasons they intend to Compulsory Purchase the Wards Corner site, including the High Road, West Green Rd, Suffield Rd and Seven Sisters Road portions.

The statement is dated 14 September and the closing date for objections is 21 October (less than one month from delivery of the statement on 23/09/16).

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Royal Court Theatre in Tottenham

“Tottenham 2016

We’re back for second summer in Tottenham with a programme of work made in close collaboration with the people of Tottenham.

This year’s festival explores Tottenham’s cultures and communities through a variety of art forms, from short films to outdoor performances, all of which are free for Tottenham residents.

As an exciting addition this year, we’ll also have a cultural hub in Tottenham, where we’ll be hanging out and hosting performances. A place where you can come to say hello, get involved or find out more.”

Lots of freebies for N15 + N17 residents.  I don’t know where ‘Shop, Tottenham’ is.  I’ve asked them.  Update: “This precise location of this venue is yet to be confirmed, but will be somewhere central in Tottenham most likely an unused retail space, and anyone who booked will be notified of this.”


Costa Coffee to arrive on the High Road

You may have noticed that EveryBodies Music has left the yellow shop on the corner of West Green Road and the High Road, and moved into the newly refurbished smaller shop next door. In a world of declining CD and LP sales, downsizing like this is obviously a good survival move.

The old shop is to become a Costa Coffee. So we now have two High Street multiples (not counting the bookies) in Seven Sisters, without anything being demolished.


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New SoTo station frontage to replace La Fonda de Maria

Detailed plans are published for changes to South Tottenham Overground Line rail station, at HGY/2013/1040 .

It’s major changes – the main entrance would be moved south into the restaurant La Fonda de Maria, the other side of the bridge.  The restaurant is in fact the old station ticket office, so would be converted back to this use. Two 16-person lifts added, thus bringing the station into line with the 2010 Disability Discrimination Act.

I’m finding it hard to imagine what the overall effect will be, please those of you who can read plans have a look and see what you make of it.  One comment (#003) points out that there is likely to be more works in the near future with the electrification of this Gospel Oak-Barking line, and that platforms would be lengthened then to accommodate longer trains.

There’s an interesting account of the history of the site hidden in the plan details, based on reading old maps, including the shifting location of the culverted Moselle brook, and the old businesses and workshops that have long disappeared.

Can people from the restaurant, and from Stevenson House which sits next to the station, add their comments?


Bridge Complementary Health Centre open for business

Affordable luxury in the heart of South Tottenham

The Bridge Complementary Health Centre, based at the modern and purpose built Laurels Healthy Living Centre in South Tottenham is now open for business, and is brought to you by the Bridge Renewal Trust.

Residents can access affordable community clinics offering the following therapies and treatments:

· Reflexology
· Traditional Chinese Foot Massage
· Lava Shell Reflexology/Foot Massage
· Osteopathy
· Acupuncture
· Aromatherapy

For more information on booking an appointment visit:

http://www.bridgerenewaltrust.org.uk/news/206-the-bridge-complementary-health-centre   [this doesnt work for me in Firefox – try another browser]

or call

020 8442 7640/07860 017186