Two more days at the Wards Corner CPO

Following last week’s posts, we are now two days into Week Two of the Public Inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase Order for Wards Corner.

Tuesday was largely taken up with Grainger’s witness on the viability of the market, in both the planned Grainger schemes and in the Community restoration plan.  There was much discussion of costs per square foot in rent in the various options, with forensic analysis and projections.  The rents will be temporarily slightly reduced by the S106 order in the Grainger plan, this follows Boris Johnson’s intervention in 2008 after he visited the market and the boarded-up upstairs space the day before the mayoral elections. Grainger’s plans at that stage Continue reading

Notes from first week of Wards Corner CPO

from your raving correspondent, following yesterday’s post

Day three of the CPO Inquiry at the Civic Centre. First David Lewis, commissioned by Grainger, ‘heritage expert’ who didn’t think the Wards store is anything more than an ordinary old shop so not worth saving. Then Stephen Walker, of CBRE who has being doing the negotiations on behalf of Grainger to buy up all the property and evict tenants. Then Robert Fourt on questions of viability of the two rival schemes for Wards Corner. It’s hard to find problems for Grainger with their £2.8billion of assets, but he had a go at our Community Plan. He missed so many points and got so much wrong that it was a pleasure to correct him, plus we have never revealed much about our sources of funding as it’s not necessary.

Speaking of which – one of our major backers confirmed today that he has cash waiting for us to re-open our conversations with TFL re beginning our restoration scheme. And he’s speaking to his finance people about making a big investment in our plan. A great boost when we are all rather exhausted by all this.

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Please support Wards Corner legal challenge

Dear friends, the time has come for you to be our active supporters in the struggle against the Compulsory Purchase Order for Wards Corner.

Haringey Council have issued a CPO to support the developer Grainger to force the sale of the parts of Wards Corner that they need, to enable them to demolish the whole block and build private flats. No social housing, not even ‘affordable’.  Meanwhile Grainger is going ahead on the opposite corner, with building a huge tower block, 23 storeys, with 165 private flats, replacing the council’s Customer Service facility Apex House.

We have a better plan. Rather than just saying No to demolition, we have an alternative. Our Community Plan would Continue reading

Those railway line works

The Overground Line from Barking to Gospel Oak has been closed for months while the line is being electrified, which will bring it into the same system as the rest of the London Overground. It will add the possibility of four- rather than two-carriage trains and so relieve the crush at busy times. The line through SoTo station has been closed since September, due to re-open in ‘February 2017’ so the end is nigh.  To understand why it’s taking so long,. see this article from Rail Engineer magazine, it’s a massive engineering project.

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SoTo trains on bus replacement today Sunday

There is short notice rail engineering work taking place on the Barking – Gospel Oak Line TODAY.

The whole line is closed and two replacement bus services are running around every 15 minutes

  • Barking – South Tottenham operated by double deck buses
  • Gospel Oak – South Tottenham operated by single deck buses (due to low bridges).

There was originally to be only a morning Barking – South Tottenham block until 12:00 for track inspection purposes but this appeared to be cancelled last week. Continue reading

Call to freeze library closure.

Plans to change Marcus Garvey Library in Tottenham Green by taking over most of the first floor for council offices include closing the library for at least six months, starting in September.  This is being classed by the council as improvement works, not a restructuring – and so they don’t need to consult anybody.

Save Marcus Garvey Library meeting with David Lammy MP.  3rd August 2015

Save Marcus Garvey Library meeting with David Lammy MP.
3rd August 2015

A packed meeting in the library on Monday called by the Friends of Marcus Garvey Library, brought MP David Lammy into the discussion.  Like many people, he knew nothing of the plans to close the library, especially at this three weeks notice. He says he has no power over what happens at Council level, but will do what he can to stop this short-notice closure.

Save Marcus Garvey Library meeting with David Lammy MP.  3rd August 2015
The Council has made NO local provision for an alternative, for the thousands of library users.  They have been advised to use St Anns library instead. Some classes are moved to Wood Green. There are three hours of toddler sessions offered at the Bernie Grant Centre. St Ann’s is a mile away, and is tiny. There is an empty school building next to MG Library, recently vacated by a private nursery school.

The whole story is a scandal that has been spun as a benefit – cut library space in half, re-schedule all the library staff as ‘advisors’, make them reapply for their own jobs, bring a steady stream of people looking for housing advice into the library past the children’s corner, throw away or sell for 20p thousands of books including many from the specialist Black Triangle collection – and Cllr Jason Arthur, responsible for library services, calls this ‘enjoying a significant makeover’. They must think we are totally stupid.

We now wait to hear back from Mr Lammy re how he gets on with his call for a freeze on the closure. He was clearly displeased to know nothing of this despite being the local MP.

Save the Marcus Garvey Library facebook page


Press release with more information. mgl press release