Grainger gets sticky hands on Apex House

Last night 9th May the Planning sub-committee of Haringey Council gave planning permission to the uber-rich developer Grainger to build a 23-storey tower at the junction of Seven Sisters Road and Tottenham High Road.  This will be blight on all the people who will live in its enormous shadow, and the millions who use the tube every year who will never again experience that sparkling moment as you come out of the tube station after a long sticky journey to step into sunlight. Forget that.

Watch the whole shameful episode in glorious 2D.…/webcast…/223972

There are ten on the cttee plus chair.
Councillor Peray Ahmet (Chair)
Councillor Vincent Carroll (Vice-Chair)
Councillor Dhiren Basu
Councillor David Beacham (LD)
Councillor John Bevan
Councillor Clive Carter (LD, voted against)
Councillor Natan Doron
Councillor Toni Mallett
Councillor James Patterson
Councillor James Ryan
Councillor Elin Weston

Remember their names.

Our three ward councillors made a decent fist of it, some of them struggling to support us without losing their Cabinet positions. Isidoris branded it a monstrous oversized KingKong of a building, so now we’ll have competition for the Fagpacket Tower name.

And of course Cllr Strickland the people’s friend, waxed lyrical. He really loves Grainger.





Apex Towers plan published, open for comments till 6th November

The whole sordid detail of the plans for Apex House are now published.  See them here. There’s a lot of it.

Comments are beginning to arrive from local residents, overwhelmingly opposing it.

To comment, click the button that say Comment on Application.  You can write as much as you like, you may like to draft it in eg Word first as the working box is quite small.  They ask for your name + address etc but you don’t have to give this.  If you supply an address or email address you will be sent more info re the outcome.

It will probably go to the meeting on January 19th.

The  bit that makes my head explode most, of all those fat documents?  The Statement of Community Involvement.  We must have been at different meetings. Oh and that there is no local library where we can view the plans, as ours is currently being knocked apart to allow for the office part of Apex House to be bunged in there – before these plans have even gone to committee.


Deliberate fog around library plans.

LBH showed plans for the changes to Marcus Garvey library at the Tottenham Conference on Saturday. Sadly your SoTo correspondent was not there, so if anyone can add to this please comment here. Their statement reads thus:

Designs for the new-look ground floor of Wood Green Library will be on show during two public drop in sessions this Thursday and Friday. (ie last week) Self-service payment machines are moving into the ground floor of the library from next March, as well as additional staff and an enquiries desk where residents will be able to speak to someone in person – meaning visitors to the library will be able to do things like pay for a parking permit, or get information about a council service, alongside the usual range of library facilities.

Their web page about it is spinning out of control about the lovely additions to services at both MG and Wood Green libraries. Lookit:

Haringey Council cabinet member for resources and culture Cllr Jason Arthur said:

“When other councils are turning their backs on their libraries, we want to continue to ensure ours go from strength to strength and these improvements will ensure that the popular, much-loved Wood Green Library is able to offer even more to its visitors.

“Do come along for a first look at the designs and to find out more about what these exciting plans involve.”

Seriously !!!!  They are cutting the library provision by at least a third, and he seems to have missed that MG will be closed for six months from September while these ‘improvements’ are made.

How dim do they think we are?

All this to keep sweet with Grainger so they can hand them the Apex House site. The plans for that have not yet been published, and will not be at the Planning Committee stage till I’d guess about November.  So how can they go ahead with this ‘refurbishment’ before that little smidgeon of democratic process has been gone through?


Visit McAslan Studio to feed back re Apex House

Architects John McAslan + Partners, with Haringey Council, has transformed an empty Tottenham shop into a design hub offering work placements and training to local people. They are responsible for the plans – draft so far – to change Apex House into a 22-storey tower block – see several posts here, search Apex. The final plans are due to be submitted to the Planning Committee and published on the Planning Portal, any day now.

“Members of the practice will be discussing the lessons learnt since the studio opened in January 2015, the ways in which JM+P are trying to make a difference in Tottenham and how they have so far positively affected the local community and how they will continue to engage with the area in the future.”

“The Evolution of the N17 Studio Initiative” is on show on Thursday 25th June, 6.30pm to 8pm. The event is free but spaces are limited, so please book your ticket here (external link). Do tell them how well they are positively affecting the local community – or otherwise.

N17 Studio  451-453 High Road  Tottenham  N17 6QH – five bus stops up the High Rd from  Seven Sisters.


Grainger meeting with Market traders re Apex House, 9th June.

In addition to the two drop-in sessions at CoNEL on 4th and 6th June, Grainger are sending invites to a presentation meeting with market traders on Tuesday 9th June.  This will be at the Pueblito Paisa cafe in the front of the market, from 6 to 7.30pm. The meeting promises to have a specific focus on the possible new market space within the Apex development.

“Representatives from the architects and developers will be on hand to talk you through the plans and answer any questions you may have.”

Though targeted at the market traders, for those of you who think CoNEL is too far away, or who can’t make the other meetings, this is also a chance to ask some of those questions about the design of the block from the outside. Focusing on use of the inside space may presume no-one is interested in what the bloody thing is like from outside. From miles away.


Grainger invite to drop-in exhibition re Apex House

The planners and architects may have got over their shock by now that the people who came to the Development Management Forum last week were appalled at the plans for Apex House (except one person).  The DMF is a statutory meeting, any major development has to have such a public meeting, inviting those who will be affected.  As the Apex plans will affect thousands, it’s a shame that only two dozen people had heard of it in time to get to that meeting.  Now there’s a more cuddly one, two chances, I bet they give you wine. Or biscuits. Go tell them, citizens of SoTo.

from their website:


Proposed redevelopment of Apex House, Seven Sisters Road, Tottenham

Grainger and architects John McAslan + Partners invite you to a second public exhibition to view the latest designs for the redevelopment of Apex House.

This consultation event provides an opportunity to see how the proposals have progressed since the first exhibition earlier this year. Have your say on our plans to deliver high-quality new homes and commercial space for Tottenham.

The exhibition will be held at The Café at Tottenham Centre, College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London, High Road, N15 4RU on:

Thursday 4th June 2015, 4pm-8pm;
Saturday 6th June 2015, 12pm-4pm.

To view the Development Management Forum presentation, please click here.

Probably not set up as question-and-answer, they will show you their slightly-misleading drawings and invite you to comment. Please do so, if we say nothing they will think we like it. Unless they have added a new one, there is no drawing of how it will look from the High Road. Basically, think of a great flat slab wider than Apex House is now, going up to the sky.

Fag Packet Tower less than enthusiastically welcomed

The Development Management Forum on the proposals for Apex House happened at CONEL on Wednesday night. Some three dozen people attended, including LBH staff and Grainger people, a reflection of the lack of publicity for this statutory event about plans that will directly impact on the lives of thousands of local people. They showed the latest plans for the 22 storey tower – slideshow here. The Q+A that followed heard almost universal condemnation of the plan, on the grounds of massing and lack of ambition in the design, and the long shadow it will cast. Squeezing Customer Services into the library means a loss to both services.

Despite the brief to produce a landmark building for this important site, with high quality design, with one exception the design was not felt to be Landmark enough, and its vast bulk is about the only feature that would be noteworthy. The architect’s claim that the building presents a slender profile when viewed from north and south, was challenged by one person who pointed out that the slideshow fails to show the view from east and west. The High Road frontage will be a great square slab, and the overall shape of the building is that of a fag packet. Your SotoAdmin taped the meeting but sound files will have to follow as the upload takes time.  LBH person Emma Williamson said that a sound record of the meeting will be published, so if they get theirs up first we’ll link it here, with a summary of all points raised.