New SoTo station frontage to replace La Fonda de Maria

Detailed plans are published for changes to South Tottenham Overground Line rail station, at HGY/2013/1040 .

It’s major changes – the main entrance would be moved south into the restaurant La Fonda de Maria, the other side of the bridge.  The restaurant is in fact the old station ticket office, so would be converted back to this use. Two 16-person lifts added, thus bringing the station into line with the 2010 Disability Discrimination Act.

I’m finding it hard to imagine what the overall effect will be, please those of you who can read plans have a look and see what you make of it.  One comment (#003) points out that there is likely to be more works in the near future with the electrification of this Gospel Oak-Barking line, and that platforms would be lengthened then to accommodate longer trains.

There’s an interesting account of the history of the site hidden in the plan details, based on reading old maps, including the shifting location of the culverted Moselle brook, and the old businesses and workshops that have long disappeared.

Can people from the restaurant, and from Stevenson House which sits next to the station, add their comments?