Save the Library meeting Saturday 15th


The next meeting of the Friends of Marcus Garvey Library is scheduled for next Saturday August 15th at 2pm at the Library. The meeting is scheduled to take one hour, so please be on time as we have a busy agenda:

Meeting 15th August Agenda
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Call to freeze library closure.

Plans to change Marcus Garvey Library in Tottenham Green by taking over most of the first floor for council offices include closing the library for at least six months, starting in September.  This is being classed by the council as improvement works, not a restructuring – and so they don’t need to consult anybody.

Save Marcus Garvey Library meeting with David Lammy MP.  3rd August 2015

Save Marcus Garvey Library meeting with David Lammy MP.
3rd August 2015

A packed meeting in the library on Monday called by the Friends of Marcus Garvey Library, brought MP David Lammy into the discussion.  Like many people, he knew nothing of the plans to close the library, especially at this three weeks notice. He says he has no power over what happens at Council level, but will do what he can to stop this short-notice closure.

Save Marcus Garvey Library meeting with David Lammy MP.  3rd August 2015
The Council has made NO local provision for an alternative, for the thousands of library users.  They have been advised to use St Anns library instead. Some classes are moved to Wood Green. There are three hours of toddler sessions offered at the Bernie Grant Centre. St Ann’s is a mile away, and is tiny. There is an empty school building next to MG Library, recently vacated by a private nursery school.

The whole story is a scandal that has been spun as a benefit – cut library space in half, re-schedule all the library staff as ‘advisors’, make them reapply for their own jobs, bring a steady stream of people looking for housing advice into the library past the children’s corner, throw away or sell for 20p thousands of books including many from the specialist Black Triangle collection – and Cllr Jason Arthur, responsible for library services, calls this ‘enjoying a significant makeover’. They must think we are totally stupid.

We now wait to hear back from Mr Lammy re how he gets on with his call for a freeze on the closure. He was clearly displeased to know nothing of this despite being the local MP.

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Press release with more information. mgl press release


Deliberate fog around library plans.

LBH showed plans for the changes to Marcus Garvey library at the Tottenham Conference on Saturday. Sadly your SoTo correspondent was not there, so if anyone can add to this please comment here. Their statement reads thus:

Designs for the new-look ground floor of Wood Green Library will be on show during two public drop in sessions this Thursday and Friday. (ie last week) Self-service payment machines are moving into the ground floor of the library from next March, as well as additional staff and an enquiries desk where residents will be able to speak to someone in person – meaning visitors to the library will be able to do things like pay for a parking permit, or get information about a council service, alongside the usual range of library facilities.

Their web page about it is spinning out of control about the lovely additions to services at both MG and Wood Green libraries. Lookit:

Haringey Council cabinet member for resources and culture Cllr Jason Arthur said:

“When other councils are turning their backs on their libraries, we want to continue to ensure ours go from strength to strength and these improvements will ensure that the popular, much-loved Wood Green Library is able to offer even more to its visitors.

“Do come along for a first look at the designs and to find out more about what these exciting plans involve.”

Seriously !!!!  They are cutting the library provision by at least a third, and he seems to have missed that MG will be closed for six months from September while these ‘improvements’ are made.

How dim do they think we are?

All this to keep sweet with Grainger so they can hand them the Apex House site. The plans for that have not yet been published, and will not be at the Planning Committee stage till I’d guess about November.  So how can they go ahead with this ‘refurbishment’ before that little smidgeon of democratic process has been gone through?


Amazing Libraries

The newly formed “Friends of Marcus Garvey Library” are running an event to celebrate *amazing libraries*.


Come and join us!
At Marcus Garvey Library
13th June 2015
Stories, Singing and acting!

All ages welcome!


The next “Friends of Marcus Garvey Library” meeting will be held on-13th June 2015
Time: 2-3pm at the ground floor meeting room.  All are welcome to attend.

Tottenham Green Centre, 1 Phillip Lane, London N15 4JA