Update re Wards Corner community plan delivery

The West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust’s first project is to deliver the community plan for Wards Corner (download at https://wardscornercommunityplan.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/d-a-s-rev-a-wcc-2013-10-07.pdf).

The Trust has recently been accepted on Locality’s ‘First Steps’ programme, run by the Community Development Foundation (CDF). This gives us £2,500 to develop a community action plan to guide our future work, skills and leadership training and four days’ support from Alice Wilcock, director of CDF. Further details about the Trust’s First Steps project are in the slidepack below, as presented at the public meeting on 16 July.

Watch this space for announcements for the First Steps launch event in September! Continue reading


Deliberate fog around library plans.

LBH showed plans for the changes to Marcus Garvey library at the Tottenham Conference on Saturday. Sadly your SoTo correspondent was not there, so if anyone can add to this please comment here. Their statement reads thus:

Designs for the new-look ground floor of Wood Green Library will be on show during two public drop in sessions this Thursday and Friday. (ie last week) Self-service payment machines are moving into the ground floor of the library from next March, as well as additional staff and an enquiries desk where residents will be able to speak to someone in person – meaning visitors to the library will be able to do things like pay for a parking permit, or get information about a council service, alongside the usual range of library facilities.

Their web page about it is spinning out of control about the lovely additions to services at both MG and Wood Green libraries. Lookit:

Haringey Council cabinet member for resources and culture Cllr Jason Arthur said:

“When other councils are turning their backs on their libraries, we want to continue to ensure ours go from strength to strength and these improvements will ensure that the popular, much-loved Wood Green Library is able to offer even more to its visitors.

“Do come along for a first look at the designs and to find out more about what these exciting plans involve.”

Seriously !!!!  They are cutting the library provision by at least a third, and he seems to have missed that MG will be closed for six months from September while these ‘improvements’ are made.

How dim do they think we are?

All this to keep sweet with Grainger so they can hand them the Apex House site. The plans for that have not yet been published, and will not be at the Planning Committee stage till I’d guess about November.  So how can they go ahead with this ‘refurbishment’ before that little smidgeon of democratic process has been gone through?


What’s all that digging along the High Road for?

You may well ask, as it’s only a year since it was all dug up for the rebuild of the Gyratory.

It’s for the new cycle path.  Very commendable, but why was this not done as part of the works for the gyratory?  It’s all TfL work. I see there was a consultation, run from 16 Feb 2015 to 29 Mar 2015. I missed that one.

Here’s the plan: CS1 overall, and

Tottenham High Road (Section 15 and Section 16)

We would install Continue reading

Victoria Line eastbound closed most of August

Part Closure – Victoria line

VICTORIA LINE: Due to vital track work to increase capacity, there will be major changes to Victoria line services between 8 August and 30 August 2015. There will be no service between Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central and a reduced service on the rest of the line. This will result in some crowding on the Victoria line and some other parts of the TfL network at the busiest times. Click here for more information.

Chestnuts Market going monthly

ANNOUNCEMENT! Hello everyone Chestnuts Market is going MONTHLY. We are OPEN THIS Sunday 5th July. Next Market will be Sunday 2nd August.

Footfall has been lower in the past month and although so many of you come, support and enjoy the market every week – simply not enough to sustain a weekly market and not great for our lovely traders.

We are going to take the LESS IS MORE approach and make every First Sunday of the Month a big event with lots more stalls & themed, fun. Its not over because we love the market, its our way of keeping it going. Hope you understand.

Hope you will join us THIS SUNDAY for the last Chestnuts until August – We have some new stalls, which I will announce this week! Thanks to everyone who came down – see you Sunday? x Marika & Chestnuts Crew

Haringey Residents’ Federation Annual Report 2014-5

From  Haringey Federation of Residents Associations    www.haringeyresidents.org
Contact HFRA <info@haringeyresidents.org>

Haringey’s Residents Federation held a successful Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 16 June. The meeting adopted an Annual Report from 2014-5 – enclosed below for your information.

Please note that we are aiming to organise a conference on planning and development, probably in the autumn – an important issue affecting all neighbourhoods throughout Haringey.

Haringey Federation of Residents Associations
Annual Report 2014-15
[April 2014- March 2015]

During the last 12 months the Federation has continued to inform and support local RAs, speak out and take action around a range of residents’ issues, and support other residents’ networks and alliances around specific concerns.

Supporting local RAs and promoting their concerns
As always we’ve continued to do our best to support the work of local associations, and encourage new ones to set up. We support the principle that residents in every street, block or neighbourhood can organise ourselves, speak out and take action for ourselves and our communities. Continue reading