SoTo trains on bus replacement today Sunday

There is short notice rail engineering work taking place on the Barking – Gospel Oak Line TODAY.

The whole line is closed and two replacement bus services are running around every 15 minutes

  • Barking – South Tottenham operated by double deck buses
  • Gospel Oak – South Tottenham operated by single deck buses (due to low bridges).

There was originally to be only a morning Barking – South Tottenham block until 12:00 for track inspection purposes but this appeared to be cancelled last week. It actually has been replaced by a whole line closure with the bus services detailed above, but due to the late change public information from TfL varies and is contradictory.

A copy of BGORUG’s Rail Replacement Bus Service timetables are attached.

Glenn Wallis, Secretary of the Barking – Gospel Oak Rail User Group has posted the following message on the Group’s “Have your say” message board in their website

Members will have noticed that page 3 of the August Newsletter showed a cancelled block for today between Barking and South Tottenham until 12:00. That was indeed the position on 9 September, when it was REMOVED from the TfL website rolling 6-monthly look ahead track closures list. I have to confess that in spite of meeting a Waltham Forest councillor to discuss the line, I didn’t travel on it last week. I am now told that posters did go up on stations last week giving details of a complete all day line shutdown for today. I am signed up to the weekly TfL email but due to pressure to finish the Newsletter I failed to read it! After all I had I had checked the 6-monthly list the day before, I thought I knew there was NO engineering work this weekend.

It was only a chance remark in an email from a member on Saturday morning about the just issued members’ Newsletter that caused me to check the TfL email from Thursday and the TfL website “status board” both of which showed Barking – Gospel Oak blocked for Network Rail bridge work, however the member who emailed me sent a clipping from last Friday’s ‘Metro’ which said the block was for preparations for electrification! The TfL “status board” showed only a Barking – South Tottenham replacement bus service. Checking I found that that the Gospel Oak – South Tottenham replacement bus service was running and that both bus services had new timetables which cut out the first Barking bus in each direction!

It took the rest of the day to update my bus timetables by which time it was too late to get them copied and laminated for posting at bus stops. I was unable to get the updated timetables onto our website as our webmaster had gone away for the weekend (how very dare he!). I have posted the bus timetables on twitter @RidingtheGoblin and our twitter feed is displayed on our website.

So that’s my side of this weekend’s c*ck-up, now to get out and monitor the buses!

Glenn Wallis


Barking – Gospel Oak Rail User Group

BGO Introduction



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