Save the Library meeting Saturday 15th


The next meeting of the Friends of Marcus Garvey Library is scheduled for next Saturday August 15th at 2pm at the Library. The meeting is scheduled to take one hour, so please be on time as we have a busy agenda:

Meeting 15th August Agenda

1) Election of the executive committee

2) Update on current situation

3) Preparation of the next meetings with Council officials (we need people with minute-taking skills!)
4) Twitter selfie campaign (we have posters and are happy to take your picture)
5) Awareness raising at upcoming Tottenham events
6) Contacting people who have used the library and gone on to respectable careers, fame or fortune to write letters of support
7) Arrange next meeting for 30th Aug at 2.30 pm
8) A.O.B

Many Thanks to all the help and contributions we have received during the last week.

Check out the latest news on twitter: #SaveMarcusGarveyLibrary
Jeremy Corbyn supports #SaveMarcusGarveyLibrary !

jc mg

Please retweet (Corbyn’s photo, the cheap African and Caribbean book sale) and send your own selfies with our hashtag #SaveMarcusGarveyLibrary
Don’t hesitate to react to Council Leader Claire Kober on twitter @ClaireKober remind her that:

books relevant for the community have been sold off cheaply

– library users will be locked out for 6-8 months without alternative provision

– the library space will be greatly reduced

– the dedicated youth and exhibition space is lost

– the library will be crossed by heavy people traffic towards the Council office

IT improvements will not happen until 2017!

See all our pictures on tumblr:

We are on Facebook: Friends of Marcus Garvey Library – Haringey

The petition is still online

Last but not least David Lammy reacted publicly

Spread the word and tweet his reaction!

Comment on Lammy’s visit on Youtube:
Amamassa Kpognon
Acting Secretary Friends of Marcus Garvey Library


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