Garden News – New Community Garden on Tottenham Green + more

The big news is planting up a new community garden along the front of the Old Nursery on Tottenham Green, Sat 15 August, 11am onwards!

Before then:
Wed 12 August: Maysie Garden, 10.30 til noonish: lots of weeding, pruning and tidying up, and a good watering. And we’ll aim to dig out some spare plants to go into the Nursery Garden at the weekend…

Fri 14 August: Library Garden
, 12 noon to 4pm: mainly a plant rescue exercise, in advance of the building work planned to shift in Council advice centre. Many of us are concerned not only about the halving of Library space, but also that the plans apparently intend to build a new entrance block right through the middle of the Children’s Reading Garden that volunteers have put a good deal of time and work into, and donated plants to — and which (except in winter) is much used as one of the rare safe spaces for local kids to run about freely, and to relate actual very hungry caterpillars, ladybirds, bees etc to their storybooks. Rescued plants will of course be re-homed….

**** Sat 15 August, 11 onwards, til 5pm or finished: Old Nursery Garden planting up day! If you have spare plants you could donate, could you let me know so that we can plan them into the design? All help greatly appreciated!

After then:
Tues 18 August, 6.30-8: FOTG’s regular Evening on the Green: looking after, and admiring, our newly planted Old Nursery Garden… Plus (inevitably) a bit of litter picking.

23 August: Love the Lea festival, Walthamstow Marshes

Tues 25 August, Lordship Rec Eco-Hub cafe, 1.00-3ish: ‘Green Gardeners’ monthly lunchtime sociable: relax, chat, swap plants, seeds and info… All welcome — for all green-minded gardeners across the borough.

Sat 30 August, Lordship Rec Eco-Hub: ‘Go Wild’ day, with nature-themed activities. (I’ll be running a plant sale stall, proceeds supporting local community gardening network Growing in Haringey)

Hope to see you at one or more of these….
Enjoy the summer,



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