DIY Streets final session, today

From Sustrans:

Our final feedback session will be held this evening [Thursday] outside the town hall. I hope you all can make it! It’s the last chance to have your comments included in the concept designs.

We will be showcasing all the draft concept designs which include:

  • Clyde Circus: Trees, build outs and bike hangars
  • Beaconsfield Road: Improved contraflow
  • Tynemouth Road / Antill road: Road closure & cycle contraflow
  • Markfield Road: draft layout change
  • Brunswick park: Entrances and paths
  • Roslyn Road barrier: re-design
  • Avenue Road: Cycling Contraflow

General: tell me where you want new trees, bike hangars, signs, art (if its council owned property) and benches!

*It won’t be too late to add in extra issues that you would like the council to check into, as we will compile all comments for the council, and suggest interventions for ongoing projects.

Look forward to seeing you outside the town hall this evening from 5.30-8pm!

We will host the final showcase of the concept designs next Wednesday in Brunswick Park.

Samantha Loy-Fripp

Project Officer | DIY Community Streets Tottenham

T: 0207 954 3023 | M: 07814 043 189

Sustrans | 70 Cowcross St, Farringdon, London, EC1M 6EJ


Other thoughts from Judith:

DIY Community Streets: tomorrow Thurs 30 July, outside the Old Town Hall — proposals for low-cost simple street improvements in Tottenham Green Ward. The aim is supposed to be to reduce traffic speeds and create a ‘home zone’, where the streets are for the people who live there, traffic doesn’t go faster than walking pace, its safe to walk and cycle, and kids can get ‘active play’ exercise needed to stay healthy.

The proposals picked up for Clyde Circus/CARA area so far seem to be quite focused on Clyde Circus and Clyde Rd East railway bridge, just by where the previous on-street consultations have been held — so please drop by if you can to add specific sites where trees, bins, streetside ‘cycle hangars’ or other improvements would be useful. If you can’t get along, you can send suggestions — the more specific the better — to  <>

The two CARA area proposals that the Sustrans team had picked up on last session were:

— Clyde Rd railway bridge: paint railway lines on the road surface, tree planter at each end, and some seats painted to look like railway trunks. Generally welcomed as brightening up that Thomas the Tank Engine spotting area for kids. But doesn’t seem tackle the many other problems around that ‘back of sports centre’ area.

— Cycle hangars: various possible locations around the Circus. If you want secure cycle parking close to your front door, then drop by or email to offer your location to the team.

Quite a few ideas raised at the two previous streetside ‘drop-in’ consultations for our area have not be taken up by the team — perhaps not enough people supporting the idea, or not enough clear and specific suggestions about just what is needed there. Some of the ideas call for more than just simple quick low-cost street works. Ideas I recall being raised:

— Junction Lawrence Rd and Clyde Rd East, mosque, playground area: what could be done to improve this area? (Trees seem to get a rough time here. But some sort of ‘entrance’ artwork and mini-roundabout?)

— Junction Philip Lane and Jansons Rd (Maysie Garden area): extend the green/gardened area? move the HfH car parking onto Jansons Rd where it will be visible from the back windows of the residents its for? Pocket Park? Could the Councill engage HfH on this? But for a minimal start: raised tree planter(s)entrance feature to narrow Jansons at thi very wide and therefore dangerous junction. Zebra crossing over Philip Lane to west of Jansons Rd, to reduce traffic speeds coming into the blind bend and allow safe pedestrian crossing.

— Clyde Rd behind Sports Centre: wildflower meadow/community orchard strip? “Living wall/vertical garden” planting up of the long blank sports centre wall was suggested — to reduce reflected heat during heatwave spells, absorb air pollution etc, however, that isn’t a ‘street’ action — but perhaps the Council as owner of the Sports Centre could take this up, with Fusion which runs the Centre.

Beaconsfield Rd: remove the on-footway cycle lane at north end, and replant the four trees uprooted to make way for it. (Two way cycle traffic sharing with one-way car traffic, as on Napier Rd.)

Tree planting: on Clyde Circus, as mini-roundabout planters at the junctions around the Circus. Along Jansons Rd — particularly at the south end, to cast summer heatwave shade.


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