Update re Wards Corner community plan delivery

The West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust’s first project is to deliver the community plan for Wards Corner (download at https://wardscornercommunityplan.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/d-a-s-rev-a-wcc-2013-10-07.pdf).

The Trust has recently been accepted on Locality’s ‘First Steps’ programme, run by the Community Development Foundation (CDF). This gives us £2,500 to develop a community action plan to guide our future work, skills and leadership training and four days’ support from Alice Wilcock, director of CDF. Further details about the Trust’s First Steps project are in the slidepack below, as presented at the public meeting on 16 July.

Watch this space for announcements for the First Steps launch event in September!

The Trust is currently seeking expressions of interest for:

A) The steering group that will lead the project, supported by a paid worker. The steering group members will be 6-12 people who can bring time/skills/experience to lead the project between August 2015 and March 2016. The group as a whole will be drawn from the Trust’s representative communities: market traders, independent businesses, local residents and those who use the town centre, plus others with relevant skills and experience and who support the aims of the Trust.

Expressions of interest in joining the steering group should be sent to n15developmenttrust@gmail.com by Friday 24 July, explaining why you would like to join

B) The paid worker who will support the steering group in delivering the project. This amounts to 6 days work at £150 per day.

Expressions of interest in this role should be sent to n15developmenttrust@gmail.com by Friday 24 July, including a CV and cover letter.

C) The working groups that will progress the Trust’s four priority areas:

1) Business Plan and Funding

2) Feasibility Studies

3) Stakeholder Engagement and Communications150722 WGRSSDT First Steps project info

4) Governance

For more information, or if you would like to join one of the First Steps working groups, please email n15developmentrust@gmail.com. There is no deadline for doing this – if you prefer, you can wait until the First Steps launch event in September, where there will be more information about the groups and initial discussions about the four themes.

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