What’s all that digging along the High Road for?

You may well ask, as it’s only a year since it was all dug up for the rebuild of the Gyratory.

It’s for the new cycle path.  Very commendable, but why was this not done as part of the works for the gyratory?  It’s all TfL work. I see there was a consultation, run from 16 Feb 2015 to 29 Mar 2015. I missed that one.

Here’s the plan: CS1 overall, and

Tottenham High Road (Section 15 and Section 16)

We would installapproximately 700 metres of new two-way cycle track within the western footway between Ermine Road and Town Hall Approach Road, separating cyclists from motor traffic on the busy A10 (see image below):

  • Pedestrian and cyclist crossings at Seven Sisters Road and West Green Road would be widened and realigned to make crossings safer and more convenient
  • A slightly raised border would separate the cycle track from pedestrian areas
  • There would be clearly defined crossing areas for pedestrians across the cycle track near bus stops and pedestrian crossings
  • Street furniture, such as cycle parking and benches, would be rearranged to best suit the new layout. We would install additional cycle parking near Seven Sisters Underground Station
  • The cycle track would continue behind bus stops, and would bypass the traffic lights at the junction of Tottenham High Road and Town Hall Approach Road

It includes moving benches and bus stops and felling  a tree. The cycle path alongside the A10 stretch opposite the Dutch House pub will be 3 to 3.2 metres wide, – the bit being worked on this week – so it will interesting to see how wide the remaining pavement for pedestrians will be.


Here are the other local sections
Section 14: Holmdale Terrace – Ermine Road
Section 16: Tottenham High Road (north) – Town Hall Approach Road
Section 17: Philip Lane
Section 18: Napier Road – Broadwater Road
Section 19: Broadwater Road – White Hart Lane

So this is FYI only, as the consultations are over.

Here’s to far fewer of those terrible accidents between tipper trucks and cyclists in future.

Passing Tescos:





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