HIC Films July

From Haringey Independent Cinema

Just to let people know about the wonderful films we have for you this month – on Thursday 16th July.

Members of the Mortgage Victims' Platform (PAH) protest against evictions in Barcelona, Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

Members of the Mortgage Victims’ Platform (PAH) protest against evictions in Barcelona, Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

We have a double bill of inspiring films of the little people fighting back against the state and big business. As it’s July we will also be providing free food and drink in the interval, so we all have a chance to relax, socialise and catch up with people we might not have seen for a while.

The first film is about local people in Govenhill in Scotland who fought for and saved their local swimming baths, using tactics that we could all learn from. The director is coming all the way from Scotland to answer questions about the film – just for us. The film is called United We Will Swim.

Then, after the food and drink/break we are showing Si Se Puede (Yes We Can). Again a really inspiring film about people coming together and helping the “little person” against the evil banks and corporations. And again, using tactics that we could all learn from. They make closing down a bank or stopping bailiffs evicting people sound so easy!! Hopefully we can have an inspiring discussion about both films.

All details are the same as normal and details can be found on our website at http://www.haringey.org.uk/hic/ . Doors open at 7pm and its likely the night will end just before 10pm. The main film has sub titles for deaf supporters but unfortunately the first one doesn’t. As ever its £4 to get in or £3 for the low/un waged.

Lastly, as we are having food and drink we really need about 10 people to help set the night up – decorations, moving tables and chairs etc from 5pm. If you can help out, could you email me back at woodywood2@blueyonder.co.uk



Si Se Puede | Spain, 2014 | 54 mins | Not rated

The economic crisis throughout Europe hasn’t gone away, far from it. The housing situation in Spain is one small example of how those in power don’t give a damn about trampling over people’s basic needs and rights. Since 2007 over 550,000 repossessions have gone through the courts in Spain with compliant judges rubber-stamping these. It’s estimated there are 184 evictions every day. Faced with all this, people in Barcelona decided to take matters into their own hands and formed PAH (Platform for People Affected by Mortgages) to fight all evictions and support those affected. Within a couple of years they have 200 groups throughout Spain and have stopped at least 1,200 evictions.

United We Will Swim…Again Fran Higson | Scotland, 2014 | 25 mins

The extraordinary story of a community fighting to save their local swimming pool. Since 1914 the Calder Street baths and wash house has provided invaluable services for the community of Govanhill. When Glasgow City Council decided to close the baths in 2001 they weren’t expecting much opposition, but the people of Govanhill were not prepared to let their beloved pool be taken away without a fight. They set up a picket-line and undertook the longest community occupation of a civic building in British history.

Both these films show what people can do when their backs are against the wall and the only way is to fight – just like Wards Corner and Our Tottenham in Haringey. People power at it’s best! For the last HIC before the summer break we’re providing free food and drink in the interval between


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