Page Green Mural – painting days

We’re working on a large mural on the wall at the corner of Wakefield Road and Pembroke Road, showing a history of the Page Green area.

This Sunday the 24th of May, starting at 11am, we will be preparing/painting the wall for the artist to start sketching in the design for the mural on Monday 1st of June. We have the white masonry paint that we will need to paint the wall with. All welcome & bring paint brushes/rollers.
The artist will start sketching out the design on Monday 1st June for 1-2weeks
After the artist has finished the design, we aim to start our painting 13-14th June, for the next few weekends. Earlsmead primary school will be invited to attend during the week, to enable the children to work on their section.
Everyone will need to bring a mix of brush sizes, starting the 13th of June
Releaf, the designers, to advise on final painting process/technique and style for final wash detail across the mural.  Wickes have offered £100 towards materials. B&Q are also being asked for contributions.

We agreed to paint a 150-200mm dark border to the bottom of the mural at pavement level where rain usual splashes the wall and for easy repair should any pavement works take place.


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