HIC showing on Thursday re NHS sell-off

Haringey Independent Cinema‘s next film night is on THURSDAY 26th MARCH. Doors open at 7pm and films start at 7.16pm. As ever £4 to get in or £3 for those low/unwaged.

It’s a double header and both films are excellent and both have a local feel especially with the present campaign to stop the sell of of St. Ann’s Hospital

TOTTENHAM THEATRE AND WALTER TULL is a locally made film about Tottenham Theatre and their first play.   In 2014 the Tottenham Theatre was born and along with users of the Bruce Grove Youth Centre a play about the life of Walter Tull was written, rehearsed and finally performed at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre. This is the film of the whole process. We will also have speakers from the film and the Youth Space at the film to give a Question & Answers session. A local film for local people from local people!!
Then we will be showing the film SELL OFF which tells the story of governments of all shades trying to sell off OUR national health service. Some of this you may know, but this film puts it in a clear easy to understand way. Some of it will shock you. Details of both films below. At the end of the film there will be speakers from local campaigns so save our health services.  
For those using dial-a-ride the films will end about 9.45pm. For our deaf comrades we are afraid neither film has sub titles – sorry.

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