Meet the Mayor

Your chance to ask BJohnson and the rest of the London Assembly whatever you like. Sort of.

People’s Question Time is coming to Haringey at the Dominion Centre, Wood Green on Thursday 19 March from 7-9pm.This twice yearly session gives Londoners the chance to question the Mayor and the London Assembly and find out about their plans and priorities for the city.Joanne McCartney, London Assembly Member for Enfield and Haringey will chair. Topics up for discussion will include:

    • Growing London’s economy
    • Housing
    • Transport
    • Environment
    • Policing and community safety

It’s free but you have to book a ticket.

I quite fancy asking him about that target of 10000 new dwellings being shoe-horned into Tottenham, when we have no hospital, can’t recruit GP’s, no space on the tube, and there are no school places free, but if Haringey Council can’t show plans for this, he threatens to take over running the council by imposing administrators.



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