Grainger at the market

The ‘consultation’ session today 12th March was designed to inform the market traders about their options in the new Apex Tower.  We met the surveyor who has expertise in markets; his job will be to interview all the market traders individually and persuade them that they want to move into the new build. We also met one of the McAslan architects. It was a bit chaotic as this happened in the open-front cafe and was accompanied by roaring traffic and the usual teatime quota of sirens (as in woo-woos, not irresistible maidens).  They showed drawings, listened and took notes.

The offer in Apex House is mapped as having the same square meterage as in the current market – this is a S106 requirement. It will replace the market provision in the Grainger plan for Wards Corner.  They did not know if the original Grainger plan would have to be redrawn to delete that part.

We pointed out that there are two extant plans for the site, and reminded the architect that they are to produce a Plan B version of their drawings with the community plan /restored Wards Corner building, which could mean a rethink re scale.

We asked that they urgently set up a meeting for residents. When told there is a lot of discussion locally, they seemed surprised. As no residents have been directly informed as far as we know, we’ve done quite a bit of their job for them, re outreach….   watch this space for any meetings info. We requested no more sessions in the McAslan office a mile away, we want it to be local.




One thought on “Grainger at the market

  1. I certainly do NOT want a 22 storey in the vincinity of where I live, as do none of the other people in this locality.

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