WCC gets planning permission for Wards Corner

From the WCC:

Dear Friends

Last week the fight to save Wards Corner moved one step closer. Haringey Council granted us planning permission to restore the Wards Department store.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped us get to this stage! Your support and involvement is always appreciated.

The granting of planning permission for the Wards Corner community plan is an important step forward. We now have a better position from which to approach TfL, and potential backers in our mission to make the plan a reality. But we need people to rally behind this! If you would like to get involved or find out how you could help please drop us an email or come to our next meeting at 6.30pm, Monday 12 May at the Beehive Pub on Stoneleigh Road, by Halifax on the High Road (beehiven17.com).

However Grainger PLC still have planning permission for their plan and the threat of displacement and demolition still remains. Haringey Council have an agreement with Grainger PLC to use compulsory purchase orders to force local businesses and homes out of Wards Corner. We need to continue to work alongside the people directly affected by the Grainger plan to campaign against the injustices they face, and to encourage Grainger, the Council and TfL to work with the local community in creating a plan for Wards Corner that meets the needs of local people.

But we shouldn?t let this grey cloud over Wards Corner take away from the positive step of gaining planning permission. This is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by working together. We hope Haringey councillors and senior council officers now take the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with the local people of Tottenham, and stop pursuing developments across Tottenham that will lead to the displacement and demolition of local communities and valued heritage. So much can be achieved by working together.

Best wishes,

Email: wardscornercommunity@riseup.net


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