Our Tottenham Update

Next General Meeting: Wednesday 19th June
@ Chestnut Community Centre, 7pm-9pm
280 St Ann’s Rd, London, N15 5BN (inside Chestnuts Park)
Everyone welcome, please forward on to others

-or print out your own:

– Organising a street assembly outside Wards Corner Market on 6th July
– Delegation to meet Tottenham Hotspur asap
– Delegation to address Council on July 15th

If you haven’t seen the video for the launch of the charter yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-WQSEoC5T0

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Our Tottenham Minutes of meeting 5 June 2013

Present:   Gina, Tony and Angela (Chestnuts Community Centre); Frank (CCC + Bull Lane Campaign + Tottm CRC); Shirley (Wards Corner Campaign + Bruce Grove Residents Network); Dave M (HFRA and HSG); Jacob (HDCH); Mark and Marchu (Friends of Lord Morrison Hall); Mark (researcher);    Apologies:   Zaher (HSG): Michelle (HPT); Dave King (DHHS); Anne (Green Party).

1.  Minutes of last meeting.   OK.

2.  Our Tottenham street assembly, July 6 – Wards Corner
Street assembly/rally outside Wards Corner, 12 noon, Sat 6 July.  There was a debate on whether we should have gone for a march along the High Rd on July 6 – agreed to do that at a later date when there’s a major pressing issue or clear support from all the supporting groups. We encourage each supporting group to bring 5-10 people, a banner, and provide a speaker at the ‘open mic’ rally.

Action points
– Dave M will ask Joan Curtis to do a design for a new leaflet (2,000 now done – and printed). Need to go in shops, libraries, community centres, tube station, door-to-door etc.
– DM to draft poster for shop windows, etc etc.
– Marchu, Mark and David K to do a phone round / reminder to groups.
– We need to raise at least £2-300 to pay off for previous leaflets and to finance these new ones. Please can every supporting group send us a donation?
– Chestnuts Community Centre donated £20.

3.  To be followed up by delegation and lobby of Council 15 July to present the Charter.
– Dave to contact Council. Discuss details next meeting.

4.  Our Tottenham Action Groups
– Important to develop these in parallel with our other activities/events. Discuss after July 6.

5.  Letter from Tottenham Hotspur seeking a meeting.
We received the following letter:  “ Given the ongoing [Our Tottenham] campaign, I was wondering whether you might welcome a private meeting to discuss the campaign and whether there might be any areas of common ground? We certainly would welcome the opportunity to meet as we recognise the extremely important roles both organisations have to play in the renewal of Tottenham.”

We agreed to consult our supporters at the next meeting, identify the key issues to raise,and to elect a delegation to meet up with Spurs.

6.  Various reports

Chestnuts Community Centre   The new management committee is working hard to broaden out the activities and user groups, to make improvements to the Centre, and to campaign to keep the place open. Had a successful open day, and may organise another for July. Council has twice asked for extentions regarding date for legal action.

Lord Morrison Hall    They are waiting for a court date to fight the termination of their lease. There may be some negotiation. The Council should be backing the LMH and their management of this former Council community centre for 20 years at no cost to the public purse. They may organise a fundraiser meal, and also leaflet the surrounding area.

St Ann’s Hospital    The planning application for redevelopment of the St Anns site will go in around October – it has been delayed because of public concerns. Defend Haringey’s Health Services campaigners have called a public meeting on June 11 to discuss developing a proper community plan and vision for defending and improving health facilities on the St Ann’s site.

North Tottenham   As flagged up last week, the Council are formally consulting about north Tottenham High Road (West side) until 21 June. This includes the threat of demolitions of homes and some local shops and businesses. If not stopped, many will be made homeless. Love Lane residents are very concerned. Shop keepers have started a ‘no to demolition’ campaign. Some SAVE LOVE LANE posters have been put up around the area.

Haringey Defend Council Housing   Supporting the Love Lane residents. Opposing threats to Council housing and also resisting gentrification. It is a scandal that the new Brook House tower block will have no social housing. Latest Council threat is a proposal, currently undergoing a very biased ‘consultation’, to only give 5-year tenancies in future rather than secure tenancies. If this threat is not thrown out, this will ensure that local working class people seeking housing in future will be kept in a state of permanent insecurity.

Wards Corner Community Coalition   Holding jumble sale on June 9. Trying to raise £20,000 to continue the legal battle to protect the area from mass evictions and demolition, to be replaced by gated private luxury housing and mainly corporate chain shops.

Bull Lane Playing Fields   Campaigners have successfully defended the site over the last 25 years. No further news.

Lordship Rec   The community-led regeneration works have been pretty much completed. There is an outstanding issue over getting appropriate management in place, in partnership with the Friends of Lordship Rec, for the new Eco-Hub building in the middle of the park.

7. Next meeting
June 19 – Chestnuts again. It was agreed to try rotating the venue for some of the meetings to better involve various supporting groups eg Selby Centre?.

 Information: http://ourtottenham.wordpress.com
Subscribe for updates: mailto:sympa@lists.riseup.net?subject=subscribe%20ourtottenham_news
Contact the Our Tottenham Organising Group: ourtottenham@gmail.com
Twitter: @Our_Tottenham 


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