Living Under One Sun & Twisted Stocking Celebrate The Moselle’s Heritage



Welcoming back ‘The Chelsea Fringe’ & celebrating the resilience of Tottenham’s Communities.

May 29th, 30th & 31st – Summer half term 2013 (10:00-16:00)

Celebrating how the presence of willow, along with rich deposits of clay fed local potteries, farming & market garden family industries. Helping to shape the Haringey we know & love today.

A FAMILY OF WILLOW SCULPTURES will be sculpted to guard over the Allotments.

DAY 1: All about the willow-
Functional uses & it’s place in Eco art. Sharing traditional skills in a modern day setting. Preparing the land!

DAY 2: Willow & the food chain-
Bio diversity Walk & Talk with Brian Wurzell.

DAY 3: Sculptures, talks & walks-
Completion & maintenance of willow sculptures. Talk by Ian Bailey ‘Urban Bee Keeper’.

Delicious organic food provided from the LUOS allotments. Bring on the celebrations!

Contact Angela 07594288566 OR Leyla 07435969312

All takes place at our East Hale allotment site … the second map on our ‘find us’ page here.

Very easy to get to via bus, tube etc.


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