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Streets in Bloom

Tottenham Green – May 2013

Front gardens are our houses’ face on the street – they can make a neighbourhood feel friendlier and welcoming. ‘Streets in Bloom’ aims to help residents and businesses to garden up all our front yards, get them bright with flowers – or with fruit, herbs and veges for healthy eating. If you are a gardener, could you help some of your neighbours – if you’re not a gardener, could you let a neighbour garden up your front?We want to work with community gardens, residents associations and interested people in the Tottenham Green area – see below how to contact us.  Read on for news from local community gardens, and how similar projects in other places have worked.

Avenue Rd Community Orchard: Tues 14 May, 10.30 First FARA gardening session of the year, with Gemma from Urban Harvest. Then first Tuesday each month.

Friends of Tottenham Green: Wed 15 May — start-up meeting 7.00 at the Wellside / Old School, corner High Rd and Philip Lane. News on the Tottenham Green re-landscaping plans, and setting up a ‘Friends’ group.

Maysie Memorial Garden: Sun 19 May – Gardening Exchange / Bring and buy

12 noon – 4pm. Spare plants and seeds, pots or tools, old green recycling boxes you don’t need? Clear out your shed and bring them along – they may be just what other neighbours need. MaysieGarden is at corner of Jansons Rd and Philip Lane. Regular gardening sessions: Fri 3 May, 3.00-4.00pm, then first Friday each month.

T-Chances: Sat 25 May – Community Celebration! Work to transform the front car park into a garden began at the end of April: drop in there and say hello to Penny or Kyle if you can give a hand. Chances is a community arts centre, at 399 High Rd, in a historic listed building, formerly the British Legion. Regular gardening sessions start Fri 10 May, 14 June, 10.30 to noon(ish), then 2nd Friday each month.

Compost give-aways:  Chances is arranging a delivery of bulk compost – watch out for date. Come and help fill up their new garden beds, and what’s left of the truckload is available for home gardens! (This council compost is what food and garden waste put out for recycling gets turned into.)

Is your local community gardens on our list – let us know if it’s not!

Residents Association area Gardening projects + regular work days (monthly dates)
Clyde Area (CARA) Grove Park Garden Share (contact Sue Penny)MaysieMemorialGarden – first Fridays, 3pm (Judith Hanna)

T-Chances – second Fridays, 10.30am (Penny or Judith)

Back of sports centre – guerrilla gardening?

Fountain Area (FARA) Avenue Rd Community Orchard – first Tuesdays, 10.30Helston Court                                 (contact Elena Pike)

The Ramp, Kirkton Rd

Page Green RA Rangemoor Rd
Tynemouth Area (TARA) Hanover Rd Community Garden (contact Gloria Benson)

Part of the joy of even a tiny front garden is the people who say hello, or stop and chat, while you’re out there – a great way to meet neighbours. As a gardener, I’ve always got more plants I want to grow than space to fit them. Sharing them with neighbours who don’t have the time, or aren’t that interested, or may not have the health to keep up their own gardens, makes sense. There are many problems a nice garden can’t help with – but at least colourful flowers, herbs and fruit, birds singing and bees buzzing, can lift your spirits rather than ugliness adding to stress.

When you look into it, there’s lots of ‘sociable gardening’ ideas about. On the web, there’s to match up people looking for space to garden with people wanting someone to make use of their garden space. But since such sharing needs to be nearby to work, why not just talk to neighbours who might be interested? A local scheme on these lines, Grove Park Garden Share, has been running for several years: started up by Sue Penny, she’s had plenty of neighbours offer use of their gardens for vegetable growing, but fewer turn out for gardening work days. However, private agreements with next-door neighbours to use garden space have been more successful. Vegetables and fruit grown usually get shared.

Food is surprisingly easy to grow in abundance, especially from fruit trees: Urban Harvest, based in Finsbury Park alongside Edible Landscapes London, organises fruit and ‘wild forage’ picking forays, and sessions on how to use the produce. Also in Finsbury Park is the ‘Three Sisters’ project — – the name comes from traditional climbing beans, sweet corn and pumpkin companion planting in South America. Should we aim to rival ‘Incredible Edible Todmorden’ up north, getting healthy local fruit, veges and herbs growing in every available space? Totally Tasty Tottenham!

Have you seen ‘Blooming Broadwater Rd’ – an inspiration for our project! Another inspiration is the ‘River of Flowers’ vision: ‘rivers’ or ‘trails’ of floral forage for bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators, made up of gardens, window boxes, flowerpots as well as ‘urban meadow’ greenspaces. Could we get our own ‘rivers of flowers’ flowing down to the Lea?________________________________________________________________________

 ‘GROUND FORCE’ VOLUNTEERS: we’re looking for people interested in helping work on ‘front garden makeovers’. If you’d like to find out more, contact Felix (below)


 Next issue: ‘waterwise’ gardening – water butts, share your bath with your garden, weathering storms and drought, our part in the great raindrops – river – ocean life-cycle, how we can all help drought-proof and storm-proof our neighbourhoods.

Plus: tell us about your gardening news, events and questions


‘Streets in Bloom’ is co-ordinated by Growing in Haringey (Felix and Judith), working with community gardens, residents associations and others interested, in Tottenham Green ward, with ‘Community First’ funding. Contact: or 15 Jansons Rd, N15.


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