‘Our Tottenham’ follow-up

‘Our Tottenham’ follow up meeting 

Wednesday 10th April, 7pm
North London Community House, N17 6PL
We agreed to discuss these things..
– The Conference Report and the Our Tottenham Charter
– To take forward the agreed action points for each workshop
– To organise the planned demonstration
– Everyone welcome, please forward on to others

And there are some reports going round from the conference:
Haringey Independent: Conference calls for community led regeneration
Tottenham Journal: Tottenham Residents come together to launch community regeneration network
Chris Brown’s Regeneration Blog – Chris’s take on the Our Tottenham Conference and regeneration plans

Continued communication & discussion amongst each other
There are two elists set up for the Our Tottenham network – this announcements list, which will be only a very few emails.
If you would like to subscribe to this supporter’s announcements elist, please send a blank email to:

The second elist is an open list where everyone can contribute ideas, discussion and will be a more active, organising list – at the moment this includes mainly people who have attended meetings leading up to the conference and actively contributing ideas or practical stuff and want to remain actively involved, and happy to receive a few more emails that this list will probably result in.

If you would like to be more actively involved and go on this list, please send a blank email to:


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