Our Tottenham update

The conference Our Tottenham, Planning & Regeneration for the Community  is now confirmed for Saturday April 6th 2013
10am-4pm @ North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Road, N17

Info: http://ourtottenham.wordpress.com 
If you would like to be kept informed send a blank message to: ourtottenham_news-subscribe@lists.riseup.net
Contact us: ourtottenham@gmail.com
Spread the word: #OurTottenham

See the blog as above for minutes and programme details

Some proposed themes:

1. COMMUNITY FACILITIES: Defending local community centres and other facilities under threat  – Lead: Lord Morrison Hall
2. HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT: Standing up for local people’s housing needs generally, plus in new developments  – Lead: Michelle, Jay & local housing groups
3. SMALL BUSINESSES: Defending small, family businesses  – Lead: WCC (Moaz from Tottenham Traders Partnership – James to ask)
4. LEGAL CHALLENGES: How to fight and win legal challenges to various unwanted developments and ‘The Plan for Tottenham’ as a whole
– Lead: Need someone with a good overview, and preferably someone who is local. (Otherwise possibly someone from Planning Aid, or FOE’s Rights & Justice team). Leave open for now.
5. COMMUNITY PLANS: Developing our own community plans for specific sites/areas/neighbourhoods (and for Tottenham as a whole?) – Lead: Wards Corner Community Coalition. Also Friends of Lordship Rec
6. YOUTH VOICES, SERVICES AND FACILITIES: How to defend our youth & expand the services/facilities they need?  – Lead: Peoples World Carnival Band
7. QUALITY DESIGN AND HERITAGE: promoting quality design, respect for conservation/heritage and for Tottenham’s positive characteristics – Lead: Tottenham Civic Society
8. COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT: How to ensure effective consultation, community engagement and empowerment, with local people driving all the decision-making in Tottenham – Lead: Living Under One Sun & possibly someone from Haringey Solidarity Group

Next joint organising meeting to help plan the conference together – all welcome
Thursday 28th February
7pm at the North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Rd, N17


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