Talk on Decentralised Energy Network

Monday 4th March 7pm

Talk on Decentralised Energy Network

Civic Centre, Wood Green, N22

Tottenham Civic Society has previously organised two visits to Hale Village, the massive development by Lee Valley Estates and the Newlon Group at Tottenham Hale, which will provide 1200 homes (private, shared ownership and affordable) and over 1000 student units, plus retail, leisure and workspace facilities. It has a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant which could be part of an energy saving scheme across the Upper Lee Valley. Several other developments will have CHP plants, including Lawrence Road (264 housing units in south Tottenham), Brook House (222 housing units and primary school in north Tottenham) and Spurs (which includes stadium, supermarket, 200 housing units, etc.).

Simone Sullivan will explain what a decentralised energy network is and describe the draft proposals to set this up. This is a key project for Haringey 40:20.

Organised by Sustainable Haringey 020 8347 7684


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