Haringey 40:20 Initiative – Free Home Energy Assessment – First Come, First Served!

You can find out how to improve the warmth of your home and save money on your energy bills with a free home energy assessment – available for a limited number of households in Haringey on a first come first served basis until 31st March.

To book your FREE, NO OBLIGATION Green Deal Assessment call 020 7527 4736 (Monday to Friday)

Or email: Haringey4020@haringey.gov.uk with your contact details.  Haringey Council is offering  free Green Deal assessments to residents of the borough, as part of a grant funded scheme supported by the Department of Energy & Climate Change. The project forms part of Haringey 40:20 initiative aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 40% by 2020 and reducing inequality in the borough.

The Green Deal is a way to finance energy saving improvements to your home.

The Green Deal must meet the ‘Golden Rule’. This means the expected savings made on energy bills from day one will cover finance repayments.

The Green Deal can help you:

• Avoid upfront installation cost

• Reduce energy bills

• Make homes cosy and warm in winter

• Save energy and reduce carbon

The Green Deal approved measures include:

• Roof, wall and floor insulation

• Improved heating controls

• High efficiency boiler replacement

• Solar hot water heating and solar electric panel

• Energy efficient window & door replacement

The Green Deal assessment will help you to:

• Understand your home energy use, identify how you can install

energy saving measures and help manage rising energy costs.

• Find out how to make your home more comfortable and cosy.

• Adopt a more sustainable life style and reduce carbon emissions.




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