Grainger plans to hang huge hoarding on Wards store

As the latest round in the eight-year saga of ‘redevelopment ‘ at Wards Corner in Seven Sisters, Graingers the proposed developer (slash n burn version) has a planning proposal in to hang a hoarding of their fantasy plan across the locally listed shut-down department store.

You may like to comment, here’s the link. or ref HGY/2013/0208  on the LBH Planning Portal.

As you may guess, those of us who think Grainger/LBH’s plan is hideous don’t want it.  Not least does this fail to suit the conservation area, it’s a flagrant attempt by Grainger to disguise the devastating impact of their demolition plans and mislead people about the supposed benefits. More detail at the WCCC FB page .  It may also contravene Advertising Standards rules, as the development is not secure in having a go-ahead.






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