Big development planned for N15 railway embankments

There’s a major new development proposed for an ‘unused’ area bordering the railway lines at Seven Sisters and South Tottenham.

HGY/2012/2241 : Land at Plevna Crescent and Ermine Road N15

“Proposal:  Erection of 158 residential (1-3 bedroom) flats and terraced housing (3 bedroom), together with the regeneration and enhancement of an existing ecological corridor, and landscaping scheme with associated parking and necessary infrastructure. Outline application with some matters reserved”.   It’s called ‘regeneration’ which is odd.  ‘Enhancement’ is worrying. I’ve often wondered how to get into the green space that you get glimpses of in walking along this end of Seven Sisters Road, behind Wickes, that you can see from the railway line. Now it seems it has been spotted as a prime development site. There have been previous attempts to build here.

It’s that famous area on Google Maps with a plane parked on it.


As they include red squirrels in their illustrations of their knowledge of local wildlife, I am just a little concerned that eg trees with preservation orders on the site may be doomed.  A quick trip round the site today showed at least six trees have been felled recently in the Ermine Rd lands, and I suspect that these had Tree Preservation Orders – the whole of the Plevna Cres side, and 28 trees on the Ermine Rd side, are covered by a TPO. “If written consent is not obtained, and work is carried out to a protected tree, the owner or person carrying out the work may be prosecuted and fined up to £20,000.” Have reported this.

The plans have been tweaked since first posted. It has dropped the car parking, is now car-free; some flats have been redrawn as family houses. There are pictures of green roofs. A lot of money has been spent on these plans and amendments, these people are serious.

Looking up information on the one-man company behind the application, Companies House records show net debts of nearly £ 1/4 million, and net worth of -£476.  My questioning the ability of this company to carry out and complete a massive building project is not permitted on the planning portal.

Councillors Kober and Goldberg, both of the local Seven Sisters ward, have raised objections on the planning portal to the design of the buildings. As they are, respectively, Leader and  Cabinet Member for Finance and Carbon Reduction, their interest is likely to have added weight.

The three dozen responses so far fall into two broad categories, those supporting it as we need more housing and they like the design, and those opposed as this is a precious green space and the buildings are not appropriate.

Have a look, people.  Here’s a short video I had made of the Ermine Road side. It’s not beautiful parkland, but that doesn’t mean it has no other potential than to be concreted over.


Footnote – planning permission refused but we guess that wont be the end.

8 thoughts on “Big development planned for N15 railway embankments

  1. AND someone has illegally felled at least eight trees on the site. There are stumps in an area covered by a Tree Preservation Order, so whoever did it is liable to a fine of £20,000 – I hope it’s per tree. We need to keep watching the site to protect the remaining trees.

  2. Thanks for flagging this up. This plan sounds like it would squeeze a lot of flats into this space. If there’s to be any development here, personally I’d “vote” for encouraging use of it as a green space. The plan had escaped me, although it looks like it’s been going on for a few months from the council’s site, but I will write it up online and chip in a comment – once I’ve read through all the documentation!

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  7. Our railway verges are important arteries for urban wildlife. Land at Plevna Crescent and Ermine Road is an important node where wildlife can flourish and young humans can learn the importance of this biodiversity for the worlds future health. Hungry developers only care for their short term wealth at a detriment to the future of the broader community.

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