Crossrail 2 plan unveiled, including Seven Sisters station



A major new rail link connecting south-west and north-east London, via a tunnel beneath central London, is recommended today in a new report by London First.

The new line, Crossrail 2, would transform journeys for commuters from the south-west and the north-east, including Wimbledon, Kingston, Twickenham, Hackney, Islington, Tottenham, Cheshunt and Hertford East. It would also provide essential relief to major London interchanges, including Euston, Victoria and Clapham Junction, and reduce pressure on congested Tube lines. In some cases, journey times would be more than halved.

Rapid population and central London employment growth will create the need for significant additional capacity on London’s transport networks from the mid 2020s onwards. Over the next 20 years, employment in London – mostly in central London – is projected to rise by 700,000 and the capital’s population is expected to rise by 1.5 million to almost 10 million, its highest level ever.

If the necessary planning and consultation for Crossrail 2 were to begin now, the new line could be open by the early 2030s.

Crossrail 2 would provide vital new connectivity for Islington, Hackney, Tottenham and the Lee Valley in north-east London. It would help drive regeneration in these areas in the same way as the extension of the Jubilee Line eastwards spurred regeneration of the Docklands and east London through the 1990s and onwards.

See the full statement here. 

A straight hop from here to Ally Pally, yay.




2 thoughts on “Crossrail 2 plan unveiled, including Seven Sisters station

  1. I don’t object to the scheme in general. I just find it frustrating why no resources of any kind can be made available for a Victoria Line extension to Northumberland Park…..

  2. and beyond. The tube infrastructure is already there. And even better, take it up to Angel Edmonton etc .However apparently there is only one rail development that can be made, either a tube extension or the upgrade to the Stansted line – no ground space for both.

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